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No exam life insurance is a new product, but with a growing popularity. Despite all the criticism, this type of insurance proves to be a reliable contract that provides financial security. It is not a bad investment, quite the opposite: it is the best investment a person can do.

no medical exam life insuranceIf you consider the alternative, which, in many cases, is to remain uninsured, signing in for this policy is really an advantageous deal.  Including a life insurance in our estate planning for the future years has become a typical activity.

They are no longer considered a luxury product, affordable only by the rich.  Having an insurance product is recommended for any hardworking citizen who wants to secure the financial stability of the family.

Standard life insurance policies, like term life or whole life insurance, are the most common ones and we usually think of them when we want to apply for insurance.  It would be perfect if we were all eligible for them.  But, let us be realistic, there are many people that do not meet the minimum age and health requirements of those standard policies. Here, in the U.S., we have millions of senior citizens and millions of people that are suffering of various diseases. Overall, a large segment of the population cannot qualify.  Companies have recently understood that neglecting such a huge market opportunity is a big mistake and soon no exam policies were created to serve the needs of those that were rejected before.

No medical exam life insurance is an accessible type of coverage that can be bought by senior citizens and sick individuals. Since medical exams are no longer required, the whole underwriting process is simplified and greatly accelerated. Instead of waiting between three and six weeks for medical results and an answer from the carrier, you will only have to wait maximum a day.

You can qualify even if you have a pre-existing medical condition.  Individuals that suffer of heart diseases, diabetes, ulcerous, pneumonia, atherosclerosis and osteoporosis are still eligible.  Unfortunately, there are some restrictions even for this policy.

There is little chance you will get it if you have more than 80-65 years old. Furthermore, people who suffer of cancer, HIV/AIDS or have been declared terminally ill do not qualify for this insurance product.

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