No Medical Exam Life Insurance – 3 Important Advantages

Investing in an efficient life insurance policy is something each and every one of us ought to take into consideration at one point of our lives. Knowing what to buy is essential, as it will shorten the process and provide us with quality coverage. A common misconception surrounding insurance policies is that seniors might find it difficult, if not even impossible, to qualify for insurance coverage.

Couple-Financial-PlanningEven though this assumption is reasonable, given the common criteria on which insurance representatives base their selection of applicants, one very important aspect is omitted: seniors have policies designed especially for them they can chose from. No medical exam insurance is clearly the leader in this field. Here are 3 important advantages of such a policy:

1.      You can become insured very fast

No exam insurance doesn’t require a thorough medical check-up prior to signing the contract. Thus, it’s very easy to become insured. You only have to fill in a form with medical related content and questions. You can become insured in a few weeks or days.

2.      You can become protected regardless of your medical conditions

Guaranteed acceptance life insurance will offer good quality protection regardless of you current medical condition or background. Use it wisely!

3.      You can get permanent coverage too

If you want permanent coverage, all you have to do is buy a final expense policy instead of a classic no exam insurance. Final expense insurance keeps you protected until the day you die, regardless of when that is. The face amount it offers is quite small, as it’s designed to solely cover final expenses and burial needs.

No medical exam life insurance is, nevertheless, quite expensive. Therefore, we recommend that you keep it as last resort and consult with a licensed insurance agent before buying.

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