Obesity Underwriting for No Medical Exam Life Insurance!

Obesity is not only unaesthetic and harmful to the body, but it also produces a cost increase for life insurance. Typically, obese persons are associated with a higher mortality risk. The main reason for that is the large number of diseases and disorders that occur due to obesity.

obesity_Life_insuranceCarriers understand the risks of providing life insurance to a not so healthy person and in many cases, they refuse the applicant.  However, obesity underwriting for no medical exam life insurance is very easy.  In this case, it is recommended to search first for life insurance without medical exam quotes.

Obesity has many causes, including some hormonal disorders and several diseases. So, it is not always or fault or choice to get fat. An unhealthy lifestyle and diet can be causes for obesity, but they are not the only one. Unfortunately, this type of plea will not make traditional insurance companies more tolerant.

They work with strict rules and principles. Before ensuring any client, they analyze its Body Mass Index (BMI) and if it is too high, will reject the applicant.  It can be really stressing to know that your condition makes you ineligible for many life insurance policies.

But do not feel hopeless or abandoned. There are still few carriers that can provide coverage. Normally, companies that sell no exam life insurance provide coverage for obese persons.  Some of them will ask the cause of obesity, others will not even ask you any medical info.

But, for the last case, you will have to pay more.  If the companies do not know much about you, they will charge the highest prices for premiums. So, if you want, you can tell the company more about you. They will be able to place you in the right risk category, will give you an appropriate life insurance plan and will offer a fair price.

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