Senior Life Insurance

Nowadays, more and more people have started to seriously take into consideration the possibility of investing in a quality financial safety net such as life insurance without medical exam.


Whether this change in attitude is owed to the current economy which leaves most of us oblivious to what tomorrow might bring about, or to personal financial struggles which differ from one individual to another, on aspect thoroughly stands out: people need high quality protection, and they are willing to pay good money in order to obtain it.

Life insurance comes in two main forms: permanent and term. Permanent, also known as whole life insurance policies offer unlimited protection and build in cash value over time, being thus ideal for people who believe that their needs for financial coverage is essential.

Term insurance, on the other hand, is meant to cover for the needs of individuals who find themselves in transitory financial difficulty or debt. Term policies are cheap and efficient, but they don’t guarantee a pay-out, meaning that if you outlive your policy, you won’t be entitled to receiving any of your money back.

A common misconception surrounding life insurance is that seniors might find it difficult, if not even impossible, to qualify for good protection. Even though the reasons behind this assumption are valid, given the common criteria on which life insurance representatives base their selection of clients, one very important aspect is omitted: seniors have a niche of policies designed specially for them, from which they can choose policies such as guaranteed acceptance insurance or final expense insurance.

Book an appointment with a licensed, experienced insurance agent and have him explain to you all the obscure points you came across. S/he will work as a middleman between you and the insurance industry, making it possible for you to find the policy of your dreams.

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