Smoking and Life Insurance – Everything You Have to Know!

Smoking is one the most pleasant recreational habits that we use.  Countless millions of people prefer to smoke in order to relieve stress, or simply, to enjoy a good cigar or cigarette. Unfortunately, there are side effects that affect both the body and the economy of a smoker.

2 cigar smokerObtaining certain services, like life insurance, becomes more difficult for a smoker. In some cases, the options for life insurance are very limited and only no exam life insurance becomes available. In this article we will discuss about everything you have to know about smoking and life insurance.

First of all, we must acknowledge why is so hard for a smoker to get life insurance.  When you smoke, you inhale numerous harmful chemical substances. In time, your internal organs will be damaged by those chemicals.  Smoking is the main cause of lung cancer which is a malignant tumor characterized by the degenerative growth of cells in lung. It is a deadly disease and more than 1, 5 millions of people die annually because of lung cancer.  So, it is normal for insurance companies to be skeptical and cautious when a smoker applies for life insurance.

But, how do they find out that you are a smoker? Well, you will tell them.  Medical examinations will include chest x-rays and your lungs will be thoroughly scanned for any signs of lung cancer or lung damage.  Plus, you will be asked via a questionnaire handled by the company.

If you apply for a no medical exam life insurance, you will also be asked for that. Since no exam is required, it is up to you to be honest or try to hide your habit. But if you die due to a smoking related disease and you said that you are not a smoker, future claims made by your chosen beneficiaries will be denied. Lying is not an option.

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